Data request is now closed, requests will not be granted.

There are four datasets available, one for each website and track.

  • Moviepilot_week
  • Filmtipset_week
  • Moviepilot_mood
  • Filmtipset_social

To obtain datasets please send an inquiry stating

  • which dataset you want (you can of course request all of them in one email)
  • your affiliation
  • which tracks you intend to participate in

The request is not binding, it is simply for the organizers to get as estimate of the number of participants.

Also please note this disclaimer:
Simple version:
“The only requirement to use the data is submitting a set of results to CAMRa.
It does not prevent you from publishing further research elsewhere, but one publication should be submitted to CAMRa.”

Waterfall version:
research using dataset to participate in the workshop
–> results regarding the camra workshop or something else
–> submitting results to the camra workshop
–> continued work
–> publishing elsewhere
research using dataset (no intent to participate in the workshop)
–> results regarding something else
–> submitting results somewhere else

And if you do continued work on the data after the workshop, we’d love to hear from you so we don’t miss it.