We are pleased to announce that the following papers have been accepted presentation in Barcelona


  • Licai Wang, Xiangwu Meng, Yujie Zhang and Yancui Shi. A New Approach to Mood-based Hybrid Collaborative Filtering
  • Nathan Liu.  Adapting Neighborhood and Matrix Factorization Models for Context Aware Recommendations
  • Yue Shi, Martha Larson and Alan Hanjalic. Mining Mood-specific Movie Similarity with Matrix Factorization for Context-aware Recommendation [overall winners of the challenge]
  • Fernando Díez, Pedro G. Campos, J. Enrique Chavarriaga and Alejandro Bellogín. Movie Recommendations based in explicit and implicit features extracted from the Filmtipset dataset
  • Zeno Gantner, Steffen Rendle and Lars Schmidt-Thieme. Time vs. Tags: Factorization Models for Context-/Time-Aware Movie Recommendations


  • Cihang Jin, Pei Wu and Weiping Liu. A Novel Recommender System Fusing the Opinions from Experts and Ordinary People
  • Bin Liu and Zheng Yuan.  Incorporating Social Networks and User Opinions for Collaborative Recommendation: Modified CF and Local Trust Network based Methods
  • Antoine Brenner, Bruno Pradel and Nicolas Usunier. Predicting Most Rated Items in Weekly Recommendation with Temporal Regression
  • Pedro G. Campos, Alejandro Bellogín, Fernando Díez and J. Enrique Chavarriaga. Simple Time-Biased KNN-based recommendations
  • Hossein Rahmani, Beau Piccart, Daan Fierens and Hendrik Blockeel. Two complementary approaches to context aware movie recommendation