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NEWS: The workshop proceedings are now available at the ACM Portal

NEWS: The workshop on Context-awareness in Retrieval and Recommendation will be held at IUI2011 in Palo Alto

The list of accepted papers can be found here

The Challenge on Context-aware Movie Recommendation (CAMRa2010) is a joint event with the Workshop on Context-aware Recommender Systems (CARS-2010).

CARS and CAMRa are organized under the special two day Context-Aware Recommender Systems: Research Workshop and Movie Recommendation Challenge event.

The Challenge on Context-aware Movie Recommendation focuses on identifying contextual features in datasets and generating context-aware movie recommendations.

Two datasets will be released for the challenge: one from Moviepilot and one from Filmtipset. Further details about the challenge conditions, tracks, and evaluation metrics can be found in the Challenge section.

Participants of the challenge are welcome to submit papers and 1-page summaries of their algorithms and results (see the Call for Papers and Important Dates sections). The papers will be reviewed by the Program Committee and 1-pagers by the Expert Panel.

The winners of the challenge will be announced at the conference dinner. The winners will also be invited to submit extended version of their paper to a follow-up special issue on context-aware recommendation. More general context-aware recommendation papers can be also submitted to the CARS workshop.